Irregulars for the Republic

About the Irregulars

Contributors and staff of the Ester Republic Press are known informally as the Republic's Irregulars. The biographies below are intended to give you a feel for the character of the people running the show at the Press. For more formal staff contact and duties, please see our website's staff page (coming soon).

Madame Publisher
Deirdre Helfferich
Also referred to as Her Editorship (primarily by the authors of Ray's View from the Lump), Ester Republic publisher Deirdre Helfferich is an Alaskan born and raised, and manages to kibosh quite a few stereotypes about Alaskans in her choice of pastimes and politics. She is an editor, graphic designer, and painter, and enjoys messing about with fonts. She is the founder of the Ester Republic Press, and learned journalism on the fly and during a stint at Mushing Magazine, after working in book publishing with McRoy & Blackburn, Publishers and the University of Alaska Press. She was doomed to edit by being the daughter of two English majors, one of whom is a professional editor and publisher herself. Ms. Helfferich rarely stands on formality, enjoys gardening, and can make a mean pie. She is the owner of the office cat(s), among whom was a calico named Betsy, who went out in Viking style. She is a woman of firm opinion.

Contact: or 907.479.3368

Advertising Manager

Since we're not doing a paper version right now, we're not accepting advertisements.

Staff Cartoonists

Dan Darrow
Jamie Smith


Whoever shows up.

While the number of contributors to the Republic over the years number in the hundreds, certain individuals were regular contributors to the wit and whimsey of the paper. These include:

Kate Billington, poet, writer
T. Neil Davis, cartoonist, columnist: Dose of Reality
Carla Helfferich, editor, poet, writer
David A. James, reviewer
Philip A Loring, columnist: Outpost Agriculture
Neal Matson, columnist: The Missionary Position
Monique Musick, photographer, writer
Dirk Nelson, poet, writer
Rich Seifert, columnist: A Conspiracy of Ravens
Gregory K Shipman, poet