Sunday, July 09, 2006

Carnival of the Green #35

I am absolutely delighted to be the host of this week's Carnival of the Green! I've been lax lately about checking out the Carnival posts, but now that I'm hosting it, I've been going and checking out all the cool info out there on green and Green doings. The originators of the carnival are City Hippy and Triple Pundit. Here's what City Hippy says about the carnival:
[It] is a summary, a digest, of the green blogosphere. When we say green we mean sustainability issues etc as opposed to plain old general Green Politics.
A different blog hosts the carnival each week. Last week, starting July 3, it was Headway Youth, by Phil Smith in Newcastle. Next week, beginning July 17, it will be hosted by Powering Down, by Aaron Nuline in North Carolina.

So--on to the carnival!

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen at Jen's Green Journal has started a blog community called Climate Crisis Action Team, featuring ideas on how to avert global warming. Her carnival post is a Planet Cool Down Tip: Eat locally produced food. Good advice!

On the topic of eating, GrrlScientist at The Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) has a few tasty tidbits about insects on her post, Bugs: They're Not Just For Birds Anymore! As Grrl says,
Now that you've eaten all that barbeque for the holidays, have you thought about barbequing scorpions, tarantulas, crickets, and worms? After all, they are the protein source of the 21st century! I always wanted to know how to cook those cockroaches in my apartment...maybe with vinaigrette?

The foodies among you may prefer this:

PT Ford at Why Travel to France explores an eco-friendly getaway in Provence called "Apres La Sieste". The facilities were built completely with recuperated raw, natural materials from the region and took two years to build by the owners, a young couple who left the rat race of Lyon to live a more sustainable and calmer lifestyle in beautiful southern France. Ah, la belle vie en France me manque! (thanks to PT for correcting my French)

And across the Channel:

You've heard of eagle owls in England if you've read Harry Potter: now read about the deeper issues these birds provoke. Wildlife artist and field biologist Carel Brest van Kempen muses on his blog, Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding, on the wildlife management and philosophical implications of eagle owls invading (or is it colonizing?) Great Britain.

In the far East:

Harlan Weikle, managing editor and co-founder of Greener Magazine, comments on some public transportation in Tibet:
Completion of the Qinghai-Tibet Sky Rail last week marks an end from to the traditional autonomy of remote Tibet, but the environment may soon intercede and once again, Tibet will be an island in the sky.

But on to politics and global warming:

On the website The Business of America is Business, Starling David Hunter examines the Asia Pacific Climate Conference held in Sydney, Australia back in January, and what The Dirty Half Dozen who met there did and did not discuss.

Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn twits the New Zealand government on its bold (not) policy leadership in Planning to have a plan to deal with climate change.

Centrerion Canadian Politics offers a few thoughtful posts on the state of Canadian politics and an interview with Elizabeth May, Green Party leadership candidate (this is part 7 of a multipost inteview--earlier parts are also available at Centrerion). The blog also has an editorial by Professor of Economics Philippe Ghayad, who, while not so convinced about global warming, nevertheless has some tax solutions to environmental problems. Read Creative Taxing Can Save the Environment and Le Centre's preface to it.

Is it 2008 yet? Sally Kneidel, PhD, co-author of Veggie Revolution, writes about Bush's latest denial of global warming as fact, and about his promotion of corn ethanol as a solution to our dependence on Persian Gulf oil. Er, maybe.

Francis Stokes of Sludgie ("We are all products of our environment. Which explains a lot."), provides the hilarious and appalling first in a series which profiles the worst offenders of the environment in Washington: Profiles of Jackassery. Senator James Inhofe gets nicely roasted here. I can't wait to see Rep. Don Young get his!


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Thanks for including me in the carnival. You did a great job!

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nice job on the carnival. I very much appreciate your having included my "Dirty Half Dozen" post. I found the other posts very informative and thank you for taking the time to carnivalize all of them.

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