Monday, March 05, 2007

The ashen aftermath of Brutus

Brutus' rear was the best-preserved part (hindsight is always 20-20, of course).

And the contrasting end. Note the relative good condition of the license plate.

Note the remains of the rear view mirror (that melted black mass by what used to be the side window).

And the remains of the interior.


Jeffrey A. Rogers said...

You know, most of that damage would probably buff right out!
Don't you think,

megan said...

We didn't even hear the sirens! I'm glad everything turned out ok, and that no serious damage was done (other than, of course, to your truck).

You're going to have to find a truck that your tailgate is compatible with. Or turn the tailgate into a table, sculpture, or some other work of art...

Jeffrey A. Rogers said...

I was just thinking, while driving Margaret around, that your truck would now make a fine candidate for a conversion to a trailer. The work is not too involved, parts needed are reasonable and you would be able to keep that tail gate everyone seems to like so much.
Just an idea,

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Yes, except that the insurance company now owns the vehicle. Or its last earthly remains, at any rate.

Jeffrey A. Rogers said...

Ask if you can have it back. Pitch that you're actually saving them money by taking care of it's disposal.

Anonymous said...

holy rollers! that is some crazy sh*t.
sorry about your truck.