Saturday, October 20, 2007

The refrigerator is barking

Not our new fancy Green Star energy-saving Kenmore that we got a week and a half ago from Sears, mind you. No, the high-pitched small-dog yaps are coming from the Blue Behemoth at the Ester Republic/Bad White Dog/Trial Run Studio/flophouse.


And there's no small canine trapped in the meat drawer, either. I checked.

I think the Blue Beast is finally dying. It's burbling a bit, too, grumbling and yapping to itself incongruously. It's been producing a LOT of waste heat this summer, making the office hot and uncomfortable at times. I mentioned it to the landlady, Hillary (owner of the Golden Eagle Saloon with her spouse Doug), and recommended that they think about getting a more efficient fridge when this thing finally goes (she'd been worrying about the electric bill, which was mondo--I suspected the Beast was at fault).

I wonder what she'll say when I tell her about the uncontrolled barking?

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