Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So I come into the office today, and there's a cute little box on my chair, addressed to me from the statewide Office of Public Affairs, University of Alaska System. The outside of the box reads, "AK Hire Solution Enclosed. (Handle with care)". And guess what's in it?

A "Career Transformer"! plus a sheet of cool stickers with the University of Alaska campuses (all of them, including places like Chukchi and Bristol Bay and, um, KPC and KuC--?) Also a color flyer explaining that UA is Job U. and that the thing enclosed in styrofoam is, in fact, a Career Transformer and not actually a dorky-looking stereotypical engineer-shaped bobblehead. (Of course, any good bobblehead is SUPPOSED to look dorky, so that's all right, but the stereotype? dunno about that). Not sure if he's an engineer, actually, could be a construction dude of some type. He's got a cute yellow hardhat and a clipboard and what might be a radiophone or a walkie-talkie.

But wait! it's only the picture on the flyer that is the dorky-looking construction dude! I am privileged to have a dorky-looking female (judging by the hair bun) scientist! How can I tell it's a scientist? well, it has a couple of test tubes, it's wearing a white lab coat, and it has some neato-keeno silvery safety goggles on (sans lenses)!

Oh boy.

I'm not sure I like this one. She's got a rather sinister smile, if you ask me.

So yep, I've been bobbleheaded. They're not showing up yet on eBay, but it's only a matter of time, if you ask me.

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Ishmael said...

Sinister smile. I like that. "University of Alaska: Putting your evil genius to work since 1935."

KPC: Kenai Peninsula College. Main campus in Soldotna, (satellite campus in Homer).

KuC: Kuskokwim College. In Bethel.

I've taken classes at both.