Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driving without a license at the Golden Eagle Saloon

Well, juvenile delinquents Copper and Tobias got themselves into a bit of trouble yesterday (right, so what else is new?). This little adventure was a bit more exciting than most, however. Amy had left them in the car at the bar while she was working, as the boys were being pills (right, again, so what else is new?). They were mostly being good (i.e., not eating the seats) and in fact were not biting each other or anything terribly rambunctious, just hanging out in the car. Out of the blue Copper decided that perhaps Tobias needed a bit of excitement, maybe a driving lesson, and flipped Tobias (who was sitting next to him, innocent and unsuspecting) completely over on his back, right onto the gear shift. So Tobias shifted the car into gear. And the car went toodling along in the parking lot and only hit Mike's truck a little.

The boys, of course, were VERY excited, yap yap roo roo, heads out the window looka me ma! They both really like going places in cars and trucks, but hadn't realized until now that a human being didn't actually have to be in the driver's seat for the vehicle to go somewhere. Why, THEY could do the driving! Wag, wag, wag!

Beth went charging down the porch stairs after the car and managed to get in it (the car still continuing through the parking lot, heading toward Photosynthesis after grazing Mike's truck). She was trying to start it when Amy and a couple of others figured it out and came running down too--but because the sun was in their eyes they didn't realize that Beth was actually in the car, so when the lights came on and the engine began to catch, they thought the dogs were doing it. Of course, it wasn't exactly easy for Beth to get the car started and under control with large bouncy dogs in her lap.

Fortunately for the dogs, the state trooper had just left. There was much speculation as to whether they'd get cited for driving without a license, underage operation of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, driving without a safety belt, or driving under the influence. (The latter, of course, is speculation, since they WERE at the bar.) Copper has a clean record, but Tobias has received a warning from Animal Control, so he'd be in trouble.

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Ishmael said...

That's a great story!