Friday, October 21, 2005

FGN again

The FGN Direct Action Collective (don't freak out by the use of that word, dear reader) has a regular meeting time now:

Thursday evenings 6 to 9 pm
UAF Campus, 408 Gruening Building
info and action!

Here's their draft manifesto:

Fairbanks Grassroots Network (FGN) is a network of activists and groups who come together to fight for a better future. At the core of grassroots organizing is the belief that people should control their own lives and work together as equals. Many of FGN’s members come from campaigns around specific issues such as environmental justice, social justice, the anti-war movement, community building, women’s issues, housing conflicts, traffic campaigning, anti-racism, pro-choice activism, etc; others got involved in the run-up to the Wal-Mart 2 actions. Some of us are anarchists, feminists, socialists, ecologists etc.; others have no particular affiliation. We meet weekly at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to report news from the frontlines, put our heads together and organize for progressive, powerful social change.

By subjecting the status quo to critical thinking and scrutiny, to revolutionize what appears self-evident, we have the power to transform our world.

listserve notice to follow, as soon as I know what it is...

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