Saturday, October 08, 2005

Starting out

Well, The Ester Republic is now venturing into the world of blogs. Here's a bit of info to start things off:

The Sustainable Campus Task Force, of the UAF campus, has gotten political/activist organizing off to a roaring start. Rodney Guritz called a meeting of progressive "activists, visionaries, and advocates" last Thursday evening, and about thirty people showed up. The SCTF showed "Outfoxed", an exposé of Fox News and how it's pretty much a partisan organizing machine for the Republican Party, issuing propaganda and "infotainment" instead of genuine news. (Very good film; I recommend it highly.) The group discussed several issues of local concern, and resolved to set up a website and possibly to start a paper, or at least a newsheet similar to the Recycled Toilet Paper. Most of the group were students, but Representative David Guttenberg, myself, Doug Yates, Jeanne Olson, the director of the Northern Environmental Center, and a several others from the community were there. It was an encouraging and energizing gathering.

The next meeting will be on campus at 6 pm, Thursday Oct. 13.


jeanne said...

This UAF-associated group can use support of lots of the locals who are more familar with the community network of like-minded activists and also of business leaders. I am hoping this group's energy will add some zest into some of our other efforts. They have lots of ideas and the youthful belief that anything can happen. Well, we've all been there before, but i do believe it's time to say "let's try again." Maybe the huge issue of the Iraq war won''t be changed by 30 people in Fairbanks, but 100 people might make a difference in KUAC's programming or stopping the new Walmart. Thanks for starting up this Blog. Now, what's next?

Gregg Jocoy said...

Very exciting to see the Ester Republic adding a blog. I'll be reading it regularly I am sure.

jeanne, you are so right. At the local level and with a smaller group, you can make real change happen. The trick, and I haven't figured this out exactly yet, is to get beyond protecting ourselves from Wal Mart etc, to actively improving the non-WalMart economy. More small scale local businesses which serve people's needs is the larger goal.

Alaska's in good hands I'd say.

Anonymous said...

have a few odds and ends from former alaskan papers if they really want to start one.