Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When ELFs Go Wrong

Ray Metcalfe and Richard Fineberg spoke at a seminar yesterday sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and the UAF School of Management (Energy Economics Program) on Alaska's oil taxation. The basic question was, "Could sharing oil windfalls mean larger Permanent Fund dividends?"

The answer, of course, was YES.

I wasn't able to go, unfortunately (nasty sinusy cold laid me out—ick). But the gist is that the Alaska public is only getting half of what we legally should for oil revenue, and that our elected leaders (Frank Murkowski, Ben Stevens, Gary Wilken, Ralph Seekins, among others) are selling us down the river. Ray Metcalfe and the Republican Moderates have information on Ben Stevens' conflict of interest and VECO connections, and Richard Seifert, the moderator, has interesting links on his site to energy and economic information pertaining to Alaska.

Alaska: the new Florida in the world of political corruption (only oilier)…

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