Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Got a call from Ethan

Well, this is interesting. Tonight I came home and there was a message from Ethan Berkowitz, the other Democratic candidate for governor, saying he'd heard I was interested in renewables, and he'd like to talk with me about it. Man's got his ear to the ground! Or perhaps his eye on the Internet.

Dang. I like being taken for a member of the press. Given that the paper's been around for seven years, it's about time.

But he's right: I am very interested in candidate positions on renewable energy. I should do a series of articles.

Of course, the primary is still months and months away, but already there are at least three who've declared: Sarah Palin, a Republican, is the third so far. All the rest of the Republicans are apparently waiting to see what Murkowski does. No Green, Republican Moderate, or Libertarian yet, but the filing deadline is in June and the primary is in August, so we've got a while yet.

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Simiolus Rex said...

The time is ripe for throwing all the republican rat bastar...I mean pundits...out of office. Murkowski is a one term chump. Leman can't possibly take over. Remember, he's only a "minnie me" of Murky. I don't know if the Democrats or Greens could field anyone electable. Who's Berkowitz? What does he possibly think he could do for us up here? Is he the messiah that can unite the Greens-Dems to vanquish a common enemy...Ooh coalition building like Germany. Or could this be another hand job (appeal to the real liberals and then screw them over after election). Did you score an interview? Sarah Palin is still conservative, but one with morals and integrity. Still on the wrong side of the fence, but one of the few that are half way decent. Sorry for being so cruel, but it's good to be the king.