Thursday, November 10, 2005

The refuge saved! —for now

And this is thanks to moderate (read: real) Republicans. But it'll come back next year, and maybe in the interhouse negotiations. The budget bill was an exemplar of mean-spirited nastiness to those who need help: the poor, the infirm, the elderly. Yep, let's cut the taxes for those who can afford taxes, and take away the safety net for those who really need it, because we can't (har har) afford this deficit (created by an illegal, immoral war and a bunch of tax cuts for the filthy rich. And oh, yeah, a bunch of corporate welfare.)

All the news stories are talking about how the environmentalists have been lobbying to remove the drilling provision. But what about those who are concerned about the dependence of our country on oil, foreign or domestic? We have to get off the teat, and the Administration and Congress are showing very little inclination to move in that direction. Lip service, sure. But not real effort.

Conservation and environmentally sound practices are issues vital to our national security.

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