Saturday, December 24, 2005

O tannenbaum

Okay, the cats have figured out that it's Christmas. Archie keeps getting up on the table (which is covered with tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, books, dead flowers, mugs, bills, movies, more books, junk mail, and dishtowels) and batting all that wonderful crinkly-sounding stuff about. Miss Puss and her brother Hexer are prone to sudden dashes about for no discernable reason. Luciano just woke up. Betsy is wandering around eyeing the bows. I've just fed them all some catnip.

Now think about that. Every horizontal surface in the living room, kitchen, studio, office, and entry is covered with really cool stuff that makes the most delightful sounds when you bat it across the room or slide into it at high speed. And all those ribbons are shimmery and move in unexpected ways.

The only thing that is saving our house from destruction via stoned feline is the fact that we don't have a Christmas tree that they can knock over and start a fire with....

The fun is beginning, on the stairwell. Now I have a couple of looming stoned cats, one of whom seems to be thinking about whether he can make the other jump really high by sneaking up on her when she's not looking...

Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice, everyone!

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