Saturday, December 31, 2005

The year in review


Hosted the sixth annual birthday bash for The Ester Republic. I missed sending out a few invitations, and heard about it later from those who didn't realize that they were welcome to crash the party.

Participated in BiPolar 2005, the annual midwinter transcontinental art show held simultaneously in McMurdo's MAAG and Ester. We had a live chat link.


The first John Trigg Ester Library Lallapalooza & Book Bash is pulled off, after much preparation, which turned out not to be quite enough, with a play and bagpipes and a ton of people. It was my first real foray into nonprofit fundraisers.

Later in March, I participated in Relik, a wonderful art show at the Annex, curated by Amy Cameron Luick.


Went to the Alaska Press Club conference. The Republic won two 2nd place prizes this year: Dan Darrow's cartoons and Carla Helfferich's editorial, "Cheering up the Left".


Hans and I built an enclosed porch, creating a bug-free zone (YAY!) and some more living area.


Became the first pinup girl to pose for the 2006 Women of Ester Calendar.

Grew a lot of tiny tomatoes and had a birthday. Picked raspberries.


Attended my dad and April's 20th wedding anniversary/70th birthday party. Saw a ton of people I used to eavesdrop on at parties when I was a kid and they were hanging out with my parents.

Picked blueberries.


Helped out Jamie Smith with his Katrina Animal Relief fundraiser: my second foray into nonprofit fundraising. Wangled him into helping out with the library bash next year (not really a hard sell, actually. The man's a book nut.)


Started relearning to knit (and purl! and cast off!)

Started this blog, as though I didn't have enough to keep me busy.

Foolishly volunteered to help out with the KUAC Task Force.


Attended a lot of KUAC Task Force meetings.

Attended the first Grassroots Gathering, hosted by the Fairbanks Grassroots Network, and met Aaron Selbig, editor of Insurgent49, who stayed with us for a couple of days. I ended up filling in for a speaker at the Gathering, and gave a talk on grassroots journalism/independent publishing.


Attended the KUAC Forum. Saw more people there than I've ever seen at any public forum or meeting.

Started the curtains project.

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