Friday, January 13, 2006

Burn that oil!

Well, looks like Murkowski is swimming along in keeping with the US national policy when he says we must drill in ANWR, come hell or high water (and it looks like we'll get both). His State of the State address put heavy emphasis on how that oil would have saved our bacon, and how it will save our future pork, and how Alaskans (as opposed to "environmental extremists", equivalent to "Outside extremists", because of course there is no such thing as an "Alaskan environmentalist") must help "tell Alaska's story" (or is it tall tale?) to the Lower 48.


The United States, along with China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and India, account for half of the world's greenhouse gases, according to a recent Wikinews article, and these six countries have agreed to develop clean energy, but insist that they will have to remain "heavily reliant on polluting fossil fuels for generations to come."

Dear, dear. Can't actually do something that would be inconvenient, now, could we?

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