Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The land of the not-so-free

The latest attempt to enshrine religious bigotry in our state constitution has been brought forth by (surprise) John Coghill, Bob Lynn, Mike Kelly, and Ralph Seekins and the Senate Judiciary Committee. In essence, it says you can't pay benefits or incur obligations etc. to a couple if they aren't offcially married. Lots of attention is being paid to the same-sex couples, but common-law heterosexual couples would also be blasted by this amendment. It is utterly, grossly, despicably appalling that these busybodies think it's just dandy to mess about with job benefits just because they have a massive phobia about certain sexual (or marital) practices. They claim that it will "defend marriage", as though marriages are falling apart due to job benefits like this in Massachusetts, or Denmark, or wherever else same-sex or common law marriage or civil union is legal. And, of course, it reflects the will of the majority (given that the public passed a discriminatory marriage definition a bit ago)—but it also is a clear example of the tyranny of the majority oppressing a minority. Sheesh! Just how silly can they get? Here's the verbage:
Proposing an amendment to the section of the Constitution of the State of Alaska relating to marriage.
* Section 1. Article I, sec. 25, Constitution of the State of Alaska, is amended to read:

Section 25. Marriage and related limitations. To be valid or recognized in this State, a marriage may exist only between one man and one woman. No other union is similarly situated to a marriage between a man and a woman and, therefore, a marriage between a man and a woman is the only union that shall be valid or recognized in this State and to which the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage shall be extended or assigned.

* Sec. 2. The amendment proposed by this resolution shall be placed before the voters of the state at the next general election in conformity with art. XIII, sec. 1, Constitution of the State of Alaska, and the election laws of the state.
At least the public seems to be viewing this as the folderol it is.

As Marsha Buck said, "What happened to liberty and justice for all?"


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