Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don Young voted yea

Our representative voted in favor of a food labeling bill that will, if it passes the Senate, make it impossible for Alaska to require that farmed salmon be labeled as such. The National Uniformity for Food Act would prevent states from requiring different labeling than that of national requirements. Since state requirements are often more comprehensive than national ones, such as our farmed fish labeling requirement and our GM fish labeling requirement, this bill will prevent states from exercising their rights and will result in lower labeling standards. The genetically modified food labeling law was passed unanimously in the Alaska legislature.

So why didn't Don Young pay attention? He has struck a blow against Alaskan fishermen and fish processors.

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Intrepid Liberal Journal said...

Sadly, this appears to be a national trend as the food lobby is mobolized to geld state regulations about food safety. Ironic that Republicans go along with it considering they profess to advocate for state rights. Meanwhile, the Democrats should be raising hell about nutritional health being compromised to satisfy the needs of corporatists. But once again my party lets me down and the people are left high and dry.