Thursday, May 18, 2006

Internet update: recent largesse for Stevens

Forwarded to me by Tom Macchia via the Alaska Greens listserve, an article on just how much cash Uncle Ted got from those media mavens:
Stevens received $130,750 from the industry during the period covering 2005 and the first third of 2006 — substantially more than he garnered from any other sector, according to the nonpartisan PoliticalMoneyLine. Top corporate benefactors included AT&T with $10,000 in donations, Time Warner with $8,000 and Sony Pictures with $8,000, according to Federal Election Commission data compiled by PoliticalMoneyLine.
Obviously they like him. But he's not the most popular guy in Congress right now--the telecom industry gave Senator George Allen, R-Va., $237,032. But then, Allen is up for re-election this year, whereas Stevens isn't until 2008.

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