Sunday, May 21, 2006

Painting and plants

Yesterday I went to Anne's Greenhouse and picked up a basket and a bunch of flowers for the Republic office, went home, put 'em in baskets (I still have a bunch of lobelia left), and carried them down to the office. Then I went over to the library and removed the Ester Republic sign and went back and hung it on the side of the building. A cheer went up from the other side of the street: Hillary and Kate gave me a yahoo.

I finished up the prepping, and then Hannah came and the Painting Commenced. White primer coat #1 went on, then we took a break for dinner. I found my Jocasta Innes decoration techniques books, brought 'em down, and Hannah and I pored over them for ideas. Then we put on primer coat #2, telling each other about crazy people we have known, family members, friends, etc. She got to hear all about my aunts and cousins and wacko ex-boyfriends, and I heard about her grandfather and parents and miscellaneous zingy friends (at least one of whom is my friend too). A wonderful yak and the painting went fast. And the place looks SO much better.

So today--ta dah--we start painting with Sunnyside yellow.

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