Sunday, July 16, 2006

Easton in Ester

The Ester library is having another fundraiser. We've signed the lease for the last bit of property on Village Road, so now we have the whole east side to put our library and gazebo on. Which will take cash to build!

Fortunately, Tim Easton, who plays wonderful folk/rock/cool music stuff and has been up to Ester several times before, has decided he'd like to do a benefit concert for the library! So on Saturday the 12th of August, I will be at the Malemute to listen to him play some truly excellent music. There will be at least one opening act, Jeff Kanzler, whose name I don't recognize but he is a local musician. He's been recording with 10th Planet Recording, which speaks well of his music in itself.

With friends like these, the library is sure to do well! Thank you, Tim & Jeff--and especially thanks to Jeff Stepp, who came up with the idea and has been helping organize this event.

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