Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An interesting standoff in Ohio

Bob Fitrakis, the editor of The Free Press, has been running for governor of Ohio on the Green Party ticket. The Ohio media, by and large, is pretending that Fitrakis doesn't exist, which is interesting, given that the elections office (run by his opponent, the infamous Kenneth Blackwell) refused to so much as look at his better than 12,000 petition signatures (they only needed 5,000) for a month, thereby deftly delaying the Fitrakis campaign by two months (it took them a month to certify). Funny, the Democrats and Republicans were certified right away (could it be because they only have to turn in 1,000 signatures?).

Fitrakis and the Greens, in case you didn't know this, along with the Libertarians, went after the egregious corruption evident in the 2004 election in Ohio while Democrat Kerry sat on a $50 million war chest (supposedly collected to go after fraudulent voting improprieties, but somehow never used for this).

It's amazing to me that the Ohio media would avoid the hot issues that Fitrakis has dug up for them--what, actually act like members of the Fourth Estate?

Go, Bob, go!

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