Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bus riding survey

The Fairbanks North Star Borough is looking into expanding the number of routes. Public transportation is going to become more and more important as the price of gas goes up and up. While I've been biking in to work this summer, I doubt I'll continue doing it in the winter, and I probably won't be skiing in, either. (Although who knows? I might--we'll see.) If there was a bus from Ester to the university in the winter, I'd take it!

Many many years ago, they had a line to Ester, but it was at weird times (not around work start and end times). If the borough does start an Ester line, they should buy hybrid buses or some other variety of clean green machine. Heck, maybe they should build a light rail line!


CabinDweller said...

I'd love it if they had a line that came out to the Valley. Sort of a park and ride kind of thing - even twice a day would be nice - where one could catch a ride into town in the morning and get back out there at the end of the work day.

I've been a bike slacker all summer; it is unlikely I'll take it up in the winter.

Anonymous said...

I thought this site ( offered some useful information for winter riding.
Just this week I started to do my daily shopping by bicycle. As long as the stuff doesn't get too big I'll keep doing it. Plus, I've found all kinds of cool trailers that are available for bikes.
Take care,

CabinDweller said...


Appreciate the advice - and will take a look at the site, but I must confess the biggest reason for my lack of enthusiasm on getting into winter biking.


Even kids (who presumably haven't been smokers or drinkers and don't have a personal relationship with Bacon) walk their bikes up that hill.