Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wish list

Here's what I'd like to see for the Republic:
• a regular fossil fuel industry investigative column
• a regular economics column
• a regular fishing/marine science column
• regular alternative energy articles
• regular recycling/how-to articles (how to skin a moose, how to compost, gardening, etc.)
• regular recipes and cooking articles
• regular voting/participatory democracy/community-building articles with solutions and investigative reporting
• regular arts reviews and reports (a gallery beat)
• regular history articles, particularly the history of Ester and the Tanana Valley
I get lots of opinion, politics, reviews. I'd like some other stuff.


Rob said...

Much of your wish list would be appreciated well beyond Ester Republic. Especially items re alternative energy which is needed everywhere. A how to guide re recycling would also be useful in multiple places. Although I can't imagine anyone skinning a moose in Brooklyn, New York!

John said...

Alternative energy is when I bring the wood in, instead of The Mrs.