Friday, September 15, 2006

Going postal in Ester

Today about 60 to 100 people gathered at the Ester post office to celebrate the centennial of postal operations in Berry & Ester. Bill Akiss roped me and Frank into speaking, and a bunch of postal bigwigs were there, along with Ruth Jasper, several campaigning politicians, and about every wasp and yellowjacket left in the village. It was great. The theme was "100 years of serving the arts and mines in Ester", or something like that. Lots of artists brought their paintings and sculptures and whatnot to display, we had carrot cake, and extremely excellent special cancellation stamps and envelopes. VERY cool. I spoke about how the community saved the post office, which saved the village in its turn. Frank talked about hearing Led Zeppelin for the first time on the post office grounds-to-be in 1971. "I haven't been the same since!"

It was great fun. Many photographers were taking pictures, and I plan a big story on it in the next Republic.

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