Friday, September 22, 2006

Resign, Rumsfeld!

Last night at Mike Musick's meet & greet at the Golden Eagle, Luke Hopkins told me about a resolution on the borough assembly consent agenda (PDF) for the September 28 meeting, introduced by Hank Bartos and Guy Sattley, that will call for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation (PDF). KUAC had a short bit about it this morning, in which Bartos demonstrated the support for this by military families by playing a telephone message from the father of one of the Stryker Brigade soldiers killed. Bartos, like others, thinks Rumsfeld is doing a very bad job. Among those others are six generals.

The list of calls for resignation is growing longer.


highboy said...

Wow, you're more of a quack on your own site than what you displayed on mine. Pity no one will see it from here.

Rob said...

I hope this starts a prarie fire fire and encourages state legislatures and city councils all over the country to pass similar resolutions. It's a way of sending a message to the world that there is more to America than Donald Rumsfeld and we do not approve. Thanks for posting this.