Tuesday, October 17, 2006

After 33 years, we need some new material

Okay, folks, I'm taking a clue here from Volker Pispers and Helmut Kohl: It's been thirty-three years of Don Young, most of my adult life--no, wait--ALL of my adult life and then some--and it's enough! He's lampooned himself for so long that his bloopers are predictable. Comedians and editorial cartoonists can imitate Don Young better than he can lampoon himself (I mean, be himself)! We need some fresh material, somebody new we can make fun of!

I mean, come on, we've been making fun of Young since before he was elected the first time! There's only so long that joke about being beaten by a dead man, or living in a mailbox in Yukon, or the anecdote about him swearing at high school students while castigating obscenity, can get a good laugh.

Or maybe not. Perhaps there's a few chuckles to be got out of him yet.

But it would sure be nice to see a new face up there on the podium where we could be suprised by fresh, new possibilties. Personally, I don't think Young can be beaten for sheer entertainment value (although he certainly could be bested when it comes to, oh, something like attendence in Congress) . I suspect that Diane Benson won't embarrass herself with stupid gaffes about the public being "waffle-stompers" or "idiots." So we probably couldn't make fun of her that way. And the issues she's concerned about seem pretty relevant and down-to-earth, so I suspect we couldn't make fun of those--they make sense to too many people. Her legislative aims seem pretty worthwhile, too.

Nope. I bet we'd have more fun with watching the Republicans in Congress puffing up like frogs when she gets to work in Congress--somebody who's not out of touch with Alaska, with the Bush, with the ideas of fiscal responsibility and ethical campaigning and working for a living...

Heh. Now THAT would be funny.

(Bet you can tell how I plan to vote this election, hey?)

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Simiolus Rex said...

Could we post the Don Young cartoon under this thread??? Ha.