Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back to the bone

Fairbanks will get what it pays for, and apparently, it doesn't want to pay for much. The propositions that Fairbanks voters passed on Tuesday are going to hurt them, despite the crows of victory right now.

A certain city firefighter was at the Eagle last night, and he's looking for a new job. He figures he has a few months before the money runs out, but he's tired of being on tenterhooks about whether Fairbanks gives a rat's rump about public safety. And apparently, the city doesn't. Or at least, the voters seem to think that the staff of the police and fire departments and whatnot don't need to make a living.

Well, Fairbanksans, you will find out just how much things actually cost when the city council, et etc., has to start cutting services, so start writing up your new propositions now for next October's ballots to set things right.

Government does certain things much better than private enterprise, volunteer groups do certain things better than government or private enterprise, and private enterprise does some things better than either. But no one mode of getting things done is The Answer to All. Fairbanks is going to find this out the hard way, it looks like.

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