Thursday, October 26, 2006

Benson closing the gap

According to a press release from the Benson campaign, a new poll conducted by Hays Research Group on the 24th and 25th showed that both Don Young and Diane Benson lost ground with the voters. Young, who had on the 20th polled 52%, dropped to 43%, and Benson went from 36% to 34%--which means she is now only 9% behind Young, instead of 16%. That's just in one week, with the election less than two weeks.

I suspect people are upset with Young's unwillingness to actually campaign (although he doesn't normally make these tours of the state as a congressman...) and his failure to debate the issues. But I bet Benson's mostly negative campaigning hasn't helped lately. People are going to want to hear what she stands for, and what she plans to do, in more detail.

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Simiolus Rex said...

How can anyone do a positive campaign against Don "the mafia don" Young??? I certainly hope for a Benson victory, but I'm not a betting man. By the way, I passed on this website url to the Benson campaign, but I don't think they'll use our venom.