Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mike Musick wins a seat on the assembly!

Mike Musick was elected to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly yesterday, with a resounding 62 percent. The News-Miner has an article about the results, and here's what they say about Mike:
The race for the vacant Seat G pitted Musick against [Bonnie] Williams, with Musick taking 62 percent of the votes.

“I think we both ran a good, positive race,” said Musick, who credited his win to help from his wife, Ritchie.

In his campaign, Musick, the project manager on the recently completed Cold Climate Housing Research Center, promoted energy efficiency as a way for the borough to save money and called for training programs to prepare residents for gas pipeline jobs. He said the assembly should also consider property tax exemptions for seniors and others....

[Charlie] Rex and [Nadine] Hargesheimer both expressed confidence in Musick’s addition to the assembly. “I think Mike’s going to be a good assembly member,” Rex said. “He’s well-versed on borough issues.”
I think his election was in part a result of the general annoyance that the electorate felt for Bonnie Williams, but I think the other part was just that Mike made good sense and he listened to people. Pretty much what you want in an elected official.

And this makes the first win for a member of the Tanana-Yukon Green Party in far too long. I think that as people like Mike get into office, more of the public will realize what Green philosophy, government policy, and public service means, and will stop succumbing to the fear-mongering tactics and stereotypes thrown out there by the likes of Don Young.

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