Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ralph visits Ester

Sort of. Ralph Seekins recently came out to the fire station to visit with the firemen and talk about the station expansion that the EVFD has been trying to get since, oh, 1986, maybe longer. This is the first time I've ever heard of that Seekins has come to Ester to find out what folks out here want. He's never been to the Eagle, to my knowledge, unlike Gary Wilken, who would come by to talk to his constituents at least once a year.

Perhaps he's a little more worried by Joe Thomas' campaign than he's been letting on? Quite a few people out in the Ester area aren't happy with Seekins. Thomas has been talking to Esterites at the Fourth of July potluck, the post office centennial, and the annual fire department meeting. I think he was at the fall ECA meeting, too, but I'm not sure about that. At any rate, Thomas has been paying attention, and Seekins hasn't--at least not to Ester. People appreciate it when a candidate or a representative makes an effort--and notice it when they don't.


Simiolus Rex said...

Hot Hades He's Scared!!!!
What are the polls saying between this race? I haven't heard much of Joe Thomas.

David in AK said...

I wondered why those two brand new Seekins signs suddenly showed up near the Ester turnoff...

BTW, feel free to post a link to our website detailing the record of Ralph Seekins: