Sunday, October 22, 2006

Runs with the sheep

Okay, now this is just too good to be believed. In criticizing the media for finding fault with elected officials (easy to do because they're out there in public where all their mistakes are visible and affect many, many, people), Don Young said this:
“A person can be the cleanest individual, but has a brother who likes to run with sheep,” Young said, adding that those who haven’t grown up on a farm might not know what that means.
I'm wondering if Michael Rovito, the author of the Frontiersman article in which this gem appeared, was able to keep from snorting out loud when Young proffered this sage bit of folksy wisdom.

Um, so what exactly are you trying to say here, Rep. Young? That the media shouldn't report on bestiality in your family? Or was that some lobbyist you were thinking of? It's pretty clear that the sheep in Congress these days are all playing follow the leader, and rubber-stamping whatever Mr. Bush wants. (Young's actually a bit of an old goat, striking out in odd directions from time to time, no matter what the criticism.) (Oh, hyperbole is SUCH fun!)

Young is obviously a natural comic. Now that Mr. Whitekeys has retired, perhaps Young could take up the baton?

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