Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Young denying reality, as usual

Don Young: natural comedian.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Young is convinced that there will be no Democratic takeover of Congress next week:
"I'm predicting we're not going to lose any seats," Young said. "My prediction is as good as anybody else's. The day after the election, we'll see who was right."
Hmm. I seem to recall another arena in which Young thinks his opinion is "as good as anybody else's": climate change science.
Alaska's lone congressman, Republican Rep. Don Young, went so far as dismissing the [Arctic Climate Impact Assessment] on Arctic climate change. He called it ammunition for fearmongers.
"My biggest concern is that people are going to use this so-called study to try to influence the way and standard of living that occurs within the United States," Young said.
"I don't believe it is our fault. That's an opinion," Young said. "It's as sound as any scientist's."

Representative Young is very unhappy with the Daily News, but its editor isn't worried:
"I would say that Don Young remains as articulate, clever and accurate as ever," Dougherty said.
I would agree with that considered judgement, and compliment editor Dougherty on his sagacious character assessment.

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