Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Government to the public: no sex!

Hilzoy over at Obsidian Wings picked up on this ridiculous tidbit: the government is now telling grown men and women (particularly women) that they shouldn't have sex outside of marriage. Or at least, they're telling the states that if they want to use grant money to tell grownups to abstain from sex, no problem! The feds want to encourage celibacy until the age of 30 (oh yeah, and no hanky-panky outside marriage). This isn't the same as saying "don't get pregnant too early, it's bad for you"--this goes way beyond that.

How much of this crap is it going to take before conservatives figure out that THIS ISN'T A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT? When the government starts spending our tax dollars on campaigns to tell us we aren't supposed to have sex unless we're married, it's a clear signal that the nanny state is here. It's incredibly condescending, and it supports a particular religion's morality with government money (which violates the first amendment). Talk about radical big-government types—the term "Republican" sure doesn't mean what it used to, nossirree.

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Jeffrey A. Rogers said...

Without a doubt, conservatives wouldn't exist if their parents hadn't had sex!