Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More on GVEA interest expense

Per Dermot Cole's column today, the figures of $750 per every $1000 for margins required for GVEA as it currently is constituted (per the bank) came from the consulting firm R.W. Beck. The regulations linked to by Ed Davis and www.savegvea.com indicate that only $250 per every $1000 is required. There may be other factors that raise this amount, but apparently GVEA is only making $300 per $1000 anyway, so we're not achieving the ideal.

However, if the $100 is the minimum for a G&T, shouldn't the minimum for a D&G&T like GVEA be the fair comparison? I suppose now we'll need to take a look at R.W. Beck's report to GVEA to find out where this number came from.

That, or just vote no for right now and clear all this up later.

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