Saturday, January 27, 2007


Today I spent a few hours sledding from the Clubhouse down the drive, across the street, and over to the Old Post Office Espresso Publishing House & Art Gallery (which is completely frosty), where I loaded up the sled with boxes of old issues and fodnickers and books and artworks, hauled 'em back up, and found places to stash 'em. Among the fodnickers was my old business license, framed. I replaced the old one with the new one and hung it up on the wall to the right of my desk.

Amy, who's been working away on her game (based on a Mexican card game, Loteria, and using some great photos she's taken of plants, insects, and a certain dog, among other subjects), decided that she needed to put up her business license, too, so now the Clubhouse is the official place of business for the Ester Republic and for Bad White Dog. Then Jeremy came up to play guitar for a while.

Hannah has yet to even see the interior of the place. I went over to the cabin yesterday, to get a few more items and rescue a plant from dehydration; it's amazing how much brighter and bigger this cabin is, even with a bed, couch, coffeetable, easy chair, and cozy chair (not to mention my and Amy's desks.

The Republic is still spread out in four places, but mostly gone from the cabin and the house. LOTS of paper to sort through.

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