Friday, February 09, 2007

Books up the wazoo

Or rather, book manuscripts:
Jamie Smith has two manuscripts for me, one being the last collection of Freeze-Frame cartoons, the other being the first collection of Nuggets cartoons.

David Stone has a manuscript by a geologist acquaintance of his who spent many years looking at rocks near the gulags in Siberia, and sent carefully-worded letters back home to Ma. Interesting history and geology book.

Layla Lawlor has a collection of Freebird strips, plus a sci-fi graphic novel for me (and oh, yeah, I'm also distributing her graphic novel series, Raven's Children).

The Calligraphy of Birds, a book of poetry by a friend of Diane Hunt's, was submitted to me last fall, and I have to get that figured out and printed up, too.
So that's, let's see, seven books, including the distribution items. So now the only question is, where to get the up-front cash from? (Of course, that's always the question....)

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