Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lallapaloozers, rejoice!

Yep, it's another bibliophile bash: and the goodies are rolling in! Hoo!

Margaret, who is organizing the auction, and I, who am supposedly publicizing the heck out of the JTEL lallapalooza, have made a pact: we can't panic until Thursday, and we can't panic at the same time. This means, effectively, that I can't panic until Friday. So come the stroke of midnight, I will have one lallapalooza of a freak-out, so to speak.

See, here's what we're doing. We're trying to raise enough money that we can start building the library AND pay for the rest of the land payments this year AND pay for the heating fuel AND pay for the rent until the building's built AND pay for the supplies. That's what the lallapalooza is for. So Margaret and Alice are hustling for items to put up for auction. I've been making gift certificates (the Republic, Metropolitan Garage, Calypso Farm, Northern Therapies, Wild Rose Camp) and a seeming interminable pile of posters (for posting all over town) and signs (for putting up at the lallapalooza itself). And I'm working on a beaded hat for the hat walk. Tomorrow a bunch of us meet at the Annex to make gift baskets for auction, featuring, of course, tons of books.

The big question is whether we'll have enough stuff to auction. And whether people will have even heard about it. I sent announcements to every radio and TV station in town, but I haven't heard anything on the radio yet.

So, here I am, staving off incipient panic...


CabinDweller said...

When, exactly, is Lallapalooza? As in what time does it begin on April 1??

Deirdre Helfferich said...

lallapalooza: something outstanding of its kind. In this case a fundraiser for a library. The shindig begins at 3 and ends at 8. A jolly good time to be had by as many as can fit through the doors!