Friday, March 02, 2007

More lunacy in Largo

My, my. Largo, Florida, is getting QUITE the reputation! Nadine Smith, an equal rights activist, was handing out fliers at the Largo coucil meeting where Black's resolution to fire Stanton was voted on. The fliers read, "Don't Discriminate". But it seems that one must have a permit to hand out fliers, and that
Fliers present a fire hazard; plus, when they end up on the floor, people can slip on them, [Largo police spokesman Mac] McMullen said.
Given the already emotionally charged meeting, city officials also thought that fliers could become further disruptive, McMullen said.
Smith also lacked permission to pass out the fliers, as required by city law, he said.
However, according to a commentator, Bill, who was, he says, there at the scene,
This is out right discrimination, since the police allowed Religious groups to distribute pamphlets before and after the meeting. At approximately 5:00 PM, I approached Officer Sahoski, who shrugged his shoulders and stated he knew
Perhaps the difference was that she was inside the building, rather than outside? It's not clear if the people with the religious fliers were distributing them during the meeting, or inside the chambers. It's also not clear if these people had a permit.

Of course, the mere thought of being required to have a permit to hand out pieces of paper is repugnant.

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