Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alaska Press Club 2006 awards!

Yes! We did it AGAIN! This year, Jamie Smith took first place in editorial cartoons, all papers, the judge noting two cartoons in particular, Ted Stevens and ANWR and Smoke a Pack. The judge wrote, "Clear messages with strong visual metaphors and some nice ironical twists. Bold graphics with effective use of grey tones. Despite some lapses into scatology, a strong entry....”

Monique Musick also won an award this year, probably two: 3rd place in Best Arts Photo for "Billington in Visqueen gown" and 3rd place in Best Sports Photo for "Duke misses the ball," published in the February 2006 issue as part of the Stupor Bowl photo essay. For some reason, they weren't sure about the origin of the photo (even though I labeled it according to their instructions like all the rest, it evidently didn't make it to the judge with all info intact, either on my CD or from the press club to the judge...anyway, the description of the winner matches).


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CabinDweller said...

Congratulations Deirdre! Long live the ER.