Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Attention, women: you are mere uteri

The Supreme Court's decision (PDF) today is appalling. It is a politicization of medicine.

But why should I be surprised? Everything in the last six years has been politicized, from our foreign policy to our defense to our educational policies to our social policies to federal hiring and firing decisions to science.

John McCain, whom I used to admire (before he approved of torture, that is, by voting for a crap bill), has proven himself a fuckhead, to put it bluntly.

So what issue is it that's gonna get YOU? Hmm? At what point, dear reader, will you be mad enough, hurt enough in a personal way, that you'll decide that amused indifference (gee, I'm not interested in politics) is no longer an acceptable stance? At what point do you wake up?

See, it's not the "Sanctity of Life" that these people are talking about. If that was the case, they wouldn't be forcing women to risk their lives for their fetuses. It's the "Sanctity of Highly Emotional Leverage" -- this gives the right-wingers a handle on the public's gonads, literally, so they can swing John and Jane Q. Public the way they want.

Ethics, my ass. A fully grown person with all faculties intact (i.e., the mother) is expendable. She's more useful as a uterus. And doctors obviously are less capable in the eyes of the court than lawyers on making these life-and-death decisions.


CabinDweller said...

Actually, I'm suffering from outrage fatigue.

It's been a long, long slog weathering this presidency (combined with The Murk when we had him.)

Megan said...

And here I thought I was just a pair of ovaries...

That appeal to extreme emotions that the right-wing has used to corral the mainstream, indecisive or indifferent public is the same thing that the media plays on with their shock factor imagery (bloodied male student being run across campus between two paramedics, anyone?).

I'm tired of the circus.