Thursday, April 05, 2007

Book bash bonanza

Well, the book bash was a grand success. We didn't make my (admittedly grandiose) goal of $10,000, but we did match last year, or will once all the payments are in. The lasagne was scrumptious, the hats were really cool, and a ton of people came. The entertainment was pretty good! I was impressed with Mary Haley's troupe, Cold Fusion Tribal Dance. Hans and Al and Jeremy did pretty well, too, even though it wasn't quite how they planned it. They did a shadowbox effect which worked out really well.

Eric Glos got all fired up about the library and has been talking people's ears off at the Eagle ever since the lallapalooza, with his ideas for the new building. It's pretty cool to have somebody so excited about it. With any luck, we'll be able to start brushing the property some more in a couple of weeks, and maybe get a foundation in this year!

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