Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Comeuppance Beginneth

Ah, yes, finally the Corrupt Bastards Club's DC contingent is getting the probe in uncomfortable places.

"Alaska Republican Don Young under criminal investigation -- again"

"Alaska's `Clean' Image Marred By Delegation's Ethics Issues"

"Dark cloud hangs over Alaska delegation"

"Alaska Sen. Stevens Under Investigation"

"Alaska Lawmakers Coming Under Scrutiny"

"Alaska Senator to Sell Back Land"

Took the mainstream media long enough to notice this kind of thing, don't you think? Here's a tip of my hat to people like Ray Metcalfe, terrier for justice.

I notice that the News-Miner's editorial of July 26 fails to mention the c-word anywhere in its "let's get this over with" approach to the problem. They do say it's a bad thing to have "weakened members of Congress" and that Senator Stevens "is seeking re-election next year," and "would like Alaskans to withhold judgment, citing “incomplete and sometimes incorrect reports in the media.” So the News-Miner, scrupulously avoiding judgement (which really, is a reasonable thing to do regarding people), is also peculiarly avoiding mentioning the problems associated with corruption in goverment, and the shockingly high level of corruption currently being rooted out of Congress. Somehow, the debilitating effect that corruption has on the Legislative Branch and on the effectiveness of government is not mentioned.


Ishmael said...

Considering how the left-wing, commie-pinko liberal Anchorage Daily News has ignored all this, it's no wonder the right-wing, John-Birch, ultra conservative Fairbainks Daily News Miner has avoided it.

God save us all.

CabinDweller said...

What bothered me most about the News Minus' editorial that you cite is the stance that the 'weakened' delegation is a problem not because they are, allegedly, CORRUPT bastards, but because the pork they deliver might be cut off.

It's the way Don Young has run for office for years: vote for me or you lose my seniority and connections and earmarks.