Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fourth Photos Needed

Here I am, preparing the layout file of The Ester Republic, and I don't have a single photograph of the Ester Fourth of July parade! GACK! Help, help! If you have photos of our annual extravaganza, please send them to the publisher pronto!

Here's what I'm looking for: high-resolution images (300 dpi, if possible, but down to 150 dpi will do) at largeish print size (as big as 8" wide and 11" tall). I print in grayscale, but go ahead and send color if that's what you've got, because I have Photoshop (yeah!) and can amend the image if need be. I pay for cover photos, although not a whole lot. Any photos of participants bribing the judges would be great. Getting hosed down at the park is also good. Any goofy picture, really.

I'll need 'em soon, though! and thanks!

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