Friday, August 17, 2007

Remember Greenland, Don?

According to this article by Stephen Leahy, "The complete collapse of the massive Greenland Ice Sheet — which has a mean height of about two kilometres — now appears inevitable, and could raise sea levels seven metres." But we need not fear. Apparently the warmest year on record in the United States was in 1934 (by a few hundreths of a degree), and since the US is the center of the universe and US temperatures rule over all other temperatures, scientific experts like Rush Limbaugh and Rep. Don Young have concluded that there's no danger of Greenland melting. And the conservative blogging world, being the discerning, logical types that they are, seem to think that this just disproves all the scientific consensus on climate change. Never mind that global temperatures have been record-breaking for the last ten years.

Well, guess again, dummies. You're being manipulated by some pretty heavy hitters who have some selfish ends in mind, and never mind what could happen to all our children (not just grandchildren, now, we're talking our old age and our children's lives).

Bye, bye Greenland...

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