Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Metcalfe pins "VECO's Dirty Dozen"

This just in from Ray Metcalfe:
The following twelve legislators all have four things in common:
1. Every one of them has taken more than $10,000 from Veco.
2. When Veco owner Bill Allen asked to be relieved of his requirement to register as a lobbyist, they crafted and passed legislation ending Bill Allen's requirement to register.
3. When presented with hundreds of pages of evidence of Veco's bribery, each of them refused to respond.
4. When asked to admit or deny under oath whether or not [they] had taken advantage of the illegal polling, services that Veco's Vice President Rick Smith admitted having provided to over 100 of their favored candidates, every one of the still seated legislators below refused comment.

1. Mike Chenault, $32,000
2. Ralph Samuels, $10,250
3. Mike Hawker, $21,350
4. Lesil McGuire, $17,550
5. Lyda Green, $18,000
6. Kevin Meyer, $23,350
7. John Cowdery, $45,200
8. Con Bunde, $18,650
9. John Coghill Jr, $10,480
*10. Carl Gatto, $12,000 IMPORTANT ADDENDA (10/23/07): Gatto did not fulfil all the requirements for the Dirty Dozen list, it turns out. He did NOT vote to exempt Bill Allen from registering as a lobbyist. (Metcalfe sent this addenda out this morning, with his apology to Gotto. But he forgot somebody else: Richard Foster.) So our real #10 spot is taken by:
10. Richard Foster, $16,750
11. Fred Dyson, $21,700
12. Gary Stevens, $14,275

Watch closely as they go to bat for everything Veco fought for --- and remember them next election.
It'll be interesting to see how many of these legislators are exonerated and how many swept into the corruption investigations. One thing's for sure: Metcalfe's been right so far (although Ben Stevens is still unindicted).

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