Monday, October 08, 2007

They don't call it Home Despot for nothing

Good old Stand 'n Seal, that nastily poisonous tile sealer that's killed and sickened people even after the major recall, was replaced by a reformulated version that had a "a pungent chemical smell"--but still contained the poison. And good old Home Depot left this dangerous stuff on the shelves. The New York Times has exposed this in a recent article. See, the problem is, there's no premarket testing required here--plenty of unwitting consumers to play the guinea pig.

Um, wasn't medical experimentation on unwilling or unknowing human subjects outlawed by the Nuremberg Code?


Ish said...

Thank you republicans for gutting the Consumer Product Safety Commission! You've saved us countless thousands of dollars and only killed thousands of people in the process. Jebus bless Amerika.

Simiolus Rex said...

That explains my mental state! I knew something smelled fishy with that stuff.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Damned corporate bastards! Every penny they ever earned should go to the victims and the bosses should be in jail on murder charges.