Saturday, December 29, 2007

12 out of 40 district minimums met!

Alaskans for Clean Elections has met the district minimums for signatures in 12 out of 40 Alaska districts. It's been slow going for me (only two pages in one book!) but District 8 (Guttenberg's district) has met its minimum already. Still, I'm getting signatures from Two Rivers and Goldstream as well as the Ester area. If you want to sign my petition book, I'll be toting it around at the New Year's Eve party at the Golden Eagle Saloon, so you can sign it then. Or before that, if you catch me (mostly I'll be at the office). If you want to meet me to sign it, you can call me at 907.457.3418 or 907.479.3368. Or e-mail me at editor at

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