Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back to Rounders, more on bounders

Now that the upload problem with images seems to have sorted itself out, I'm back to this blog template, also known as the Rounders template, one of four freebies on this variation, among several template designs provided by Blogger to us lazy types who don't have time or expertise to create our own. What with all this book and publishing and design twiddles I've been doing, I haven't had time for a proper rant on this blog. (Groans from the audience).

Last night, Hans and I went to Jeff Stepp's presentation on his ghastly experience with the hiring process here on the UAF campus. To sum it up, he got shafted, and the process that is in place to ensure the hiring of an appropriate person, was, from all appearences, circumvented, ignored, and a waste of pretty much everybody's time, made irrelevant by some very weird goings-on. Read all about it at his blog, Failed Search. There were some very eerie echoes of my own nightmare at the UA Press seven years ago, with some of the same players. It was amazing how many people showed up, and how many seemed to have experienced similar things. Some people were only there to support Jeff Stepp and had no personal beefs of their own, but I think they were the politics can be vicious.

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