Monday, January 21, 2008

Sarah Palin for WHAT?

Ishmael Melville must have kicked himself for not thinking of this first. Some Conservative Guy in Colorado wants to draft Sarah Palin as GOP candidate for vice president. Hoo! And, as he points out, there's a whole movement for this! And it started in February 2007! There's all kinds of fun sites out there, written by panting male politicos who worship the ground she walks on with those high heels. Actually, that's not exclusively true: there are some women out there who think she's worth devoting a site to, also. I'm a bit behind the times on this: Ish found out about this back in March '07, but I quite obviously wasn't paying attention (can you blame me?).

Oh, this is priceless. I mean, she's pretty good as Republicans go these days (rather refreshingly so, in fact), but she really hasn't got the experience for a job like this. C'mon, guys, I know she's hot and everything, but jeez. Of course, as my husband says, "She'd get the dick vote."

But then, so did George Bush, although in a different sense....


Ishmael said...

"The dick vote." Nice!

Independent Alaskan said...

dick vote, LOL. She will! Even liberals can't break from her spell.