Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Republic's done been polled

Again and again and again. I don't know what it is with these Republicans. At home, we got one recorded poll from some Republican pollster, and some woman calling up to ask my political opinions (but she wouldn't talk to Hans, who was the only one there at the time). But at the Republic, I've gotten probably one actual human pollster, maybe three hangups that I suspect must have been autocalls, and five or six (I kid you not) auto ads for Mitt Romney (railing against that evil liberal, John McCain) plus two or three autopolls--all for Republicans. In the last week. I've received one autocall recorded by John Davies on behalf of the Democrats, and one reminder about the Democratic caucuses ("you can register Democrat at the door!").

It renews my faith in the Republican Party: they appear to be assuming that because "Republic" appears in the business name, it must be a Republican/rightwing rag.

Or maybe they think Hannah the Radical Mayor (the other person listed on the phone number) is a likely candidate for brainwashing to the neoconservative cause.


But it tells you how much money the Republicans are backed by, that's for sure. Bears thinking about, doesn't it? Foller that moolah, folks…it'll lead you right to who owns Mitt and John and all those R candidates, and I'm betting it isn't the People.

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