Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Absurdity triumphs over realism

Or optimism, for that matter. Absurdity seems to be the ruling force in the world today. Let's just take a few examples of items found recently on the blogosphere and elsewhere:
• Don Young's mother-in-law quote (but then, this is typical Yon Dungism, so what else is new?)
• DOT is at it again, apparently, this time with the new Elmore Road in Anchorage
• Beavers are biting back in Kodiak (pay attention, Jamie!)
• Veterans Affairs Secretary James Peake stuck his foot in his mouth and wiggled his toes energetically at Quinhagak recently on a campaign-cum-factfinding trip with Ted "Torture" Stevens by saying, sagely, that concern about post-traumatic stress and brain injury in Iraq vets was overblown.
• Our detention camp is STILL operating in Guantanamo Bay.
• Prime Minister Gordon Brown seems to think that going nuclear will reduce greenhouse emissions, and seems to have bought the rotten goods that nuclear is "clean". But hey, the French have been advocating this for a long time...unfortunately, this attitude is catching. Some doofus in Chicago seems to think it's a good idea too, and he's not alone.
Don't forget Galena! Yep, nuclear power is just fine, safe in an earthquake and flood zone, too, clean as a whistle.
Every day, there's more! Clean coal and other conundrums...

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Ishmael said...

Actually, those beavers are in Anchorage. No beavers in Kodiak. And I mean that in every possible way.